Friday, January 6, 2012

Unethical Commissioner Sherrill Rosen of Jackson County Missouri

After years of hearing complaints from lawyers, the poor people who have appeared before Commissioner Sherrill Rosen of Jackson County District Court Division 42 and my own experiences I felt was time to do something about her unethical, illegal and biased kangaroo court.  Commissioner Rosen represents the worst of what a biased, unethical, unqualified, uncaring person can do to destroy the lives of the people who appear in court.

Her hearings often run 30+ minutes late to start while she sits in her chambers eating.  Her court demeanor is unbecoming anyone in her position as she regularly screams, yells, insults and plays favoritism in the court room.  Commissioner Rosen completely ignores the rule of law, facts and evidence in her decisions from the bench.  If she likes a lawyer or dislikes someone who appears before her she will intentionally sway the judgments towards or against someone based solely on her personal bias without any regard to justice or the law.   The temperament of Commissioner Rosen is hateful, biased and intentionally negative towards anyone she personally dislikes.  Commissioner Sherrill Rosen intentionally oppresses anyone who appears before her with factual evidence by refusing to admit factual evidence from parties she dislikes while admitting anything and everything the opposing parties create.

It is time for the people of Jackson County, Missouri to recall Commissioner Sherill Rosen for her actions unbecoming to the court, unethical practices, handling cases with personal bias, negative temperament, misconduct in her court, lack of moral turpitude and oppression through her role in the court.